Wednesday 2 September 2020

destroying all dearest again (DRAFT)

Gadfly pin in this Hubbard 
cup of habit, I feel larked 
a penny a word just like a
particle board watching grief soak,
come on my sons my evergreen 
when it gets wet it swells 
as country rain covers blame herd 
nightly, so many things 
have to change & my broken 
first rib goes on repeat 
a depriving day in tempera 
not worth eating in my shoes
voodoo in the poultry selection
again in a tirade fallen back 
before you get to hiking 
forgive my heart wringing out
this strange exit I tried
whittles part by part 
yes a love of argy bargy 
waiting to happen driving
in tarragon all dearest destroyed 
of wracked pain that 
fusillade of cudgels I 
spurned moon alone in the garden,
we few, we happy few 
gilt heads these wounds 
I had on Crispin's day