Thursday 6 August 2020

M'17-J'19 (DRAFT)

Anywhere the dolomite head
lays smitten of rest 
with dank jambs in cove
the sky dirt joke puts up 
with floorboards of these 
hissing canisters a sheet of 
chrome smiles to ruck, 
a hard knock on the hip
in Vienna I watched Dresden 
people turn into shadows easily, 
the 100 meter ukase the order speaks 
of an uninjured party
into this our new man,
ostrich head a face I love
you said that would not stop now 
Our Client if you require 
amendments please contact
the sender of which this is not, 
Our Client the 100 meter ukase the order speaks 
at home, is death in you yet
forms a carapace of contempt 
airtight perimeters of this 
wintered slip transmission
rattles out in empty hotels 
unhurt from the habit of boring outriders
with all love and kindness of
this bashed division of solitary 
spectres harnessed in old chestnuts 
now carbon, all this love and 
bromide seen around my village 
the most mettled heart 
is mine and mine alone 
and I keep it in an outdoor 
storage box with 10 year 
anti-rot warrants on my head