Thursday 13 August 2020


Box boy bruised cockles a spasim in tricot,
blaggard look out spikes in my red barite 
hammering the fully clothed germane types this is
a Georgian revivalist catacomb scenario
if bonded by air and the slow decline of parkour 
leaves us in grave lament! 
a big take at the depthless nights,
its passing dingy or mock bridge encompassing
the whitest ridge tips of discourse 
further along my bowels a blue boat 
sinks the contest and there is no gaming isotopes! 
you only game yourself to bits
on behalf of the Home Office,
I Tawse the Younger instate all in the room
its a Friday luncheon raid, Madame!
the xenophobes play Mahler Piano rolls
ich ging mit Lust durch einen gr√ľnen Wald
the potato salad just is everyday LIFE, 
don't quibble Goodbye! Goodnight! 
to our Leavers Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! 
Come, boys/girls there is more on Tuesday 
centurion facility service will put paid 
to a Hornet Feast! they do all for none 
and none for all 
fuck em' all pull em' up against the wall
spread those place settings 
and check those names,
Mahlers too drab for parting ways 
boombox the hell gates 
it isn't a reach around meant for Danube beauty!
this is the swelling party trick further down tide
whatever it is you are getting sunk 
such was the day for our regiment,
these hard and shiny things 
200 hours a week in rooms above you
below you is fun, in the cabman shelter 
fobbing off the scab scene, 
those cretics with city plod ethics 
confiscated work in bin rooms 
talk of dour hours long run into 
eyelids and bums, dossier dossier
there is nothing to love here, 
in this hamstrung heart
this room of sodium so easily cut fine
to take my biting cingulum body 
where thy is angels? dry-haired
the cuspids are raised out by mothers
early in wet beds a cottony of shame
worsened in weave cutting