Friday 5 June 2020

Walking Carts and Leading Strings (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

The natural born athletes rule
from private stock orbit think of
running pins through lobes of ears
to sensate noble duelling 
a knot tradition slip one whole anachronism 
down from the cornice spits all silver on me
funny the serpentine belt flies off 
a heart tensor makes it out alive 
you and me are retold in some gullied suspension 
unit now everyone as a Lowry match-stick 
in colour broomed on in your head 
the coarser movement feigns the repeated
gesture, Leave strangle the ring-ouzel, find a home
re-assembled strange workplace this is 
your new carrel and a face is raining over there 
fix it quick the tentative sprig mush, I can't refuse 
the nudge in stock refuge grips thought
contracts semi-automatic angel behind the alibi
of business as usual compacts the intangibles 
get a fucking life and win it!
resolve the polarity whilst 
the owner stays put! do all that 
even more tennis match-stick wanderers 
blown into breeze forget the convex sunlight burns out 
the outboard aspheric surface
the headlamps burns you in a blind spot 
raised in bastard colour dais more tennis 
perform more running toward the centerline as 
elimination advance to this our current 
off-speed serving you the bits you were 
you happened to always be! 
the net pinches at cost just about 
operational remember drizzle 
cancelled your heart has shown signs 
of a rococo faith?