Wednesday 3 June 2020

The lights of London (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

Safe-deposit boxes crescere 
on bridge gardens hang like caesar fluff
in fat celiac artery the public cash self flowers
in filled temple rents the stamen gurned out 
features of a good maker, green fingered 
between acts of mercy you make or 
or justice you hold open
as a double motif the best price
to tender a local suspension
in city bargain you lose in 
urban centres ailing tusks 
night watch stalks game 
brooms masted the correct response adult
Dulwich lover stern copse on mulch: 
'you're no stranger to riots yourself' 
a thick lacquer on the window frames
in same city bargain you love the terror of the flame 
in the eyes of petulant con gaberdine
skiver start the pent warren glistening 
as a ringlet bulletin so sorry
so tender buildings in urban centres
disposed don't live between 
that and a cribbed heart
the dry riser is at worst blamed ashes