Monday 29 June 2020


Plain clothed Technocrats hang on a tight 
budget bootstrapped the average cost of a funeral 
in the UK now stands as potentially redundant, totally 
as in compulsory that some other person remarked 
the axiom physics no two bodies can occupy 
one and the same place be rude 
floccinaucinihilipilification turn aside the poor
double iniquitous casting breach of solvent 
pyre castigate a long table turned 
I'm Ronnie Fucking Pickering 
Ronnie Fucking Pickering 
Ronnie Fucking Pickering 
the horses are apoplectic 
overcharged by the multitude 
capsized homeland a pure shambles 
singing Vienna goodnight blossom 
locked in this comfy shed tinkering 
set to grow out the masses on a 
comedy hillside turn on the terrified 
run its the only way out gobshite! 
geriatric paradise dozing cluster 
of pets atop slender poles 
jizz of guillemots a modest 
memorial of your lives 
death breach of post-humous 
repayment schemes kindred 
clay pipe and acknowledged corner 
snug in cotton fuddle the million 
petalled flower I stare at day and night
day and night and call out to the sun
you don't see a chariot carrying 
your granny away you haven't lived
my standing chill branded in the beautiful 
rays bleeding on that bed the actual habit of estimating 
better times when the flames spread radially 
around the petals, and all were alight, 
alas stems rose slowly from the gaping 
floorboards pealing upright with a single
massive flame a sacred gasp clap went 
around the house as it lifted 
o spare me spare me I will work 
work so hard for you under the yonder 
tree cast in gold between 
the anvils of the stars, Clare Balding 
and Supreme Court watching adrift or ashore 
without others all I could hear was the wind, 
and everywhere birdsong 
and morning doves 
the dirt beneath my feet