Friday 15 May 2020

the Downs or to Beachy Head

The popular glories of the palaestra
for a ribboned coat remember 
beating frogs to death in the 
midsummer evenings remember
the river and the games field
the view was undying;
hexameters and open innings 
the herd to my side shrood 
the thronging hearties 
dullard come and see the sights 
and shut De Oratore! 
to think of what it feels like
to have yr head kicked in! 
face down in mud 
and what did it feel like,  
O’ friends it felt marvellous TOP-HOLE
it made me what I am today 
a first-rate preparation for life
ahead ruled with an imperial sway
my house in flood light all seeing 
all knowing all caring and all loving 
bolt eye in the sky to the common green, 
teeming my palsied heart too dull to sympathise
with tar-ruined lavender gloves, 
I stand in a pre-mount position
as per thoroughbred breeding
the science of predation! 
what a thing a man might be!
tailored directly inside the CAD
part by part in real-time 
a model-driven enhancement of the cerebral cortex,  
whilst they have THEIR things such as,
LOOK a panoramic photo of the unified 
control center for the Large Hadron Collider!
LOOK the weather system!
LOOK poor polar bears in a hot flush! 
LOOK trust me I am a scientist!
anointed under the elder tree
of the smarting boys,  
knocking off tilt berets 
clean O'swish in my 
hand is two upon the breech,
redoubtable wielding roflcopter
of justice blots yr foxed face;
buckle behind old sort
all the dons drawn pale! 
but the aspidistras are hard to kill
that is known in earth mud alone
the salt won’t do 
lord shivered to atoms in the courtyard
its summit surround by a cream moat, 
look at resilience its purple fluid 
its kindred shapes a child’s kaleidoscope
scratching the prim rectangular beds 
a cruel vector of birchen pens
sharp and colourful 
the umpire comes out says PLAY