Sunday 10 May 2020

Metropolitan exercising (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

Metropolitan exercising ground
dings pleasant demobbing
a chase, a rout marshalled
into view of national history 
pride gets up for honours, 
garlands, plaques, wreaths,
bribes, logrollings
and party per cross the rose
bade favours a spot of 
sport bludgeon on passive site 
the rich vestibule stinks
at the cost of their own death
darn a lace floor cutting 
with dust and flues of wool 
coarsening black ribbon
in underwear the
masters driven testimony 
of a day hole is a chain on 
neck of the child calibrated
to blue and scarlet, 
noise pulls the hungry 
through chastening canard 
the hedged clouds  
minding a view hitherto
padded marketplace 
watch on the mobled curb
under foot the deracinated
companionship merles 
so unkind and dry as chime 
threaded ream of sunlight
on a infringed face soaking up
asthmatic panoramas mouth it 
out quietly as to not upset the
the quiet interior balance