Sunday, 26 April 2020


Play of burnt tobacco shit 
a spine record of the north circular 
swilling troupe of postured urban death
everted ganglia in  
a poor mans wing, 
strange organs and sprandles 
with bulbs sporting unknown usages 
intro-bolted vertebrae  
on a epoch fucking machine,
look into the arche-furnace arriving 
so early the anonymity will recover 
in your children's children's birthmarks 
like Lilly fanged treason whose perpetuity 
a new ear fed from tools, muscles,
memory expiring along with it,
dream fallen on royal mandible keeps
lasting for ages to come
a home worthy of Name
and Name alone.

You are on the floor 
against a natural locomotion 
a dribbler suffering
engrams laid in lordotic 
curve hearing the finest noises
curtailed in a fulcrum 
hides history past for equalised sleep 
quick into coltish laminae 
an inner body experience vanishes 
to the head, the worst climate 
of all how to use a telephone 
that's time and money comrade 
sing for me a tune 
out the ladle of ethical fact 
they took my name and put it in a rose,
and they'll never give it back 
made it work with angelic nonchalance   
how many ears do I loan a perfect 
match of our clothes kindness?