Wednesday 1 April 2020

Mr.Catchpole Very Angry this Monday (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

All together joined into one 
mattress will monitor
your nightmares your fridge 
will beep for more cheese 
of the Mount Everest kind
made of reindeer milk 
and then stored for years 
under the beds of Norwegian
farm folk communing for the 
cheapest electricity or
gushers of cash get to see 
the extenuating circumstances
at minimal cost tiny pink eyed
your fridge remember
will beep for more cheese
and your electric car will take orders
unbeknownst to you click by click, 
saving on the doorstep 
decayed in the back of
your mouth leaf by leaf 
two hands protect glowing 
white stainless hunting equipage 
your balance remember the lower branded  
Colonel Boyd Genghis John Master Comrade
the ghettoised object overwhelmed 
one more face in THAT crowd 
all joined together 
in the ether filtrate the precise 
genetic makeup in an environment 
where the rights or title
are just error-correct missives 
but management are in
a combat theater platform 
and what you see is the work that 
will be available after
such as thinned air shaped in the highest 
priority or the lowest conscience beset 
every prescient mildew on praxis, 
you pay me remember I lose 
much more frequently on the 
other hand the floor ceremony how 
to make a living cuttle or cease