Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Ode to Barry MacSweeney (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

Professional investment
 may be likened to those
 newspaper competitions in 
which the competitors
 have to pick out the 
six prettiest faces from 
a hundred photographs,
 the prize being awarded 
to the competitor whose 
choice most nearly 
corresponds to the average 
preferences of the 
competitors as a whole
 so that each competitor 
has to pick, not those faces 
which he himself 
       considers prettiest, 
but those which he thinks 
likeliest to catch the 
     fancy of the other
          competitors all of whom 
are looking at the 
 problem from 
       the same point of view
 it is not a case of choosing 
those which, to the
 best of one's judgment,
 are really the prettiest,
    nor even those which average 
opinion genuinely
     thinks the prettiest.
 we have reached
 the third degree where 
we devote our intelligences
 to anticipating what average
 opinion expects the average 
opinion to be
the ritual of the scapegoat