Friday 10 May 2019

Power to the Peaceful (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

On a lathe well lined glen
         opens out onto 
the longest pay
               squeeze in 200 years
    which is when 'working people
deteriorated in every
            street corner but still
say make total destroy 
           around chrome
    balustrade fronted traffic
environmental zone 
           chicanes are both good and bad
 because a blockade keg is
a still from the viewpoint 
of Bakelite light switches 
 goes with the Cotswold stone
     in the fanned horn off 
benches with armrests 
and crime of public
steaming flint cone 
digest any public utility cobble
        no happy accommodation 
that simulates pain in a 
vast six-story stucco mansion
 a rambling farmhouse in 
Sussex countryside and a 
mews house in London
the main was Band H trailing
tinsel in a velveteen case
by making them untouchable
for the old days charmed
up in one of these
finishing buildings
or otherwise eating horse