Thursday 25 April 2019

Résumé Upload the removal of Clause IV by TB 1995 (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

Gardens glided  
         police radios square small  
corner of concreted earth 
          frigged in demoted waters
 as red sunken quite
          rear lit riot-quota
cut out to move in a livelier
fashion on lidocaine, 
   the vetted turnery
  in time of bedside 
on DWP death grant 
 sad crescent-shaped
     private grounds
  still lure on raw 
    battleground of siege estate so
live and work 
        on the shingle, over the walkie 
          talkie barely while 
   all these houses pass
through my heart
 to paraphrase the solidarity of
          themselves dispirited, moving 
       to a farm in Gloucester
                not on economic dogma
pledge-'I am a fantasticalist!'
 ever attempted
 The Eighteenth Brumaire
no and no the ghosts 
          are not chained  
history breaks 
      this sured word 
       stone into psychodrama
with plumes on price borage
unwinding in low-born
           vetting the enterprise 
limit of British moral life
gone to mass the 
         influence of 
     bunting is custom made handle, 
wonderful the entrance door
hard gamed to motte
        slabs kept in situ 
where curtains sensate property as
trial ends for outside
and it isn't yet to the streets
brooms masted cold
      in their portfolios