Sunday, 23 December 2018

Even if it were legal, the practicalities involved in melting down such huge quantities of coins would seem to us to make it a highly improbable task for the average consumer (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

 by what sickening homes
 to come in 
we have laminate
 of hope and
unceasing in
   reaching the 
necessary quotient
 cry on the phone 
trying to get beyond
  pure indefinte 
remainder of 
  to prove its
 future trading of 
each recession 
the childs 
face even 
beyond vicious 
to a starving mouth
 just butter 
is let through 
 trips patiently
 day the spectral
  burns justice
viable to rill ask
    beside fear
 the face sparks
 to this unburned
 glory protein 
blemish teeming
on micro grassy 
alloy the placement 
of one to shelters
is viscid to counter
 type earth patiently
 before unknowing 
    this grim
      charted out damage 
   the leaves 
of the most 
protective property 
coating of increased 
absorption is 
global the value 
chain is forever