Tuesday 20 November 2018

The soul’s love of peace is a fascist vote (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

More through into hearts and minds 
the balcony like manna out of 
  thinning air high levels of 
dioxides, asbestos and heavy metals
promise to rebrand empty land sured 
up to trickle down as backwater 
 pinioned national bunkers to nurture 
galley kitchen venture arrested in the 
carbuncle of a quart of milk decimated 
 life firstly is work and secondly 
it is relaxing company 
pleasures the audience
chamber around the 
mosquito dispersal
   observable by the age of 18
you still have to live in the instant 
   value drives back customers to
reseal dog-eared putsch these ones 
over there wanting
to see them be dogs again burnt
bricks again run out again the 
mobility curfew again hanging 
off dad again not to be a 
sad tranquilliser in protective 
 gear the cell is gelid mamma 
where are the henchmen? 
 deteriorated most 
 in human ears from congregating
outdoors the child
factory you see where the community
 of risk would hold
up the workable state 
shingle breaking from 
meal stock of dearth 
but it can appear on your 
face, eyes and genitals