Friday 23 November 2018


Named after
Europe and currently 
monopolised by China, 
see through what blood
 slows to view
 beneath a truth scheme
       the chair entrance sky-colour
    blue returning neural 
at the truest discount, 
renege off youth 
  cuts the heating off 
       just where this impasse
 started if known
  or familiar migrate plight 
 to barter barbarism,
    yes they demonstrate
   annotation over the picket 
granule chomping 
at the front gate 
there they will 
stay with assignments 
up crescent the 
respite iced the gasket, 
    this acclaimed need 
as in 'ours
 by which case 
resume the antigen 
 to see this again
get the migrant 
over the rush paper 
the chaste is 
traced by finger and
   saves a real life