Saturday 6 October 2018

Your Legal Stay in the United States Has Ended (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

 Pay for the site 
     of attrition   
  along the bank   
   or wall forming    
the morning fitful  
   while the fistula 
   leaves a 
     small channel to
      local conditions  
 that fortress 
    was built on
    blithe water patent 
  locks imprint 
 to a higher pledge
 the filtration
    and softening  
 shines in the stream
    surface a       
 seclusion zone  
  cut to a radiant
   discount in 
   the mouth wince   
   coral pink conversion
   is consent,      
 alter the surface   
       within final       
   extremity made  
       vegetable tissue          
       the acceptable      
   on the road 
    view counting 
      the checkpoints 
        by other means