Tuesday 16 October 2018

Your Legal Stay in the United States Has Ended (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

Is the satisfaction
    of the visitor
   a reverse paid
 lip service
       at a higher
      rate stern 
    the same bitter 
     ground with song, 
   of the shop 
to the letter
    gellant checker
the cosy 
     heating effect 
caught in 
the mouth, 
  it will turn back 
the stability 
of the product
made to preserve
the foreign body
   in the airway
  taken outside
     where a fair price
   is estranged 
  on paper
      that has to be seen 
   to disappear 
   protect render
     panic in a fingerprint 
     optimal safety
     conserve of
   apertures their
   blood pulled
    tight as
   penalty attaches 
      the visor scroll 
invert rosette
        to the country 
the improvised
   materials display 
          tactical formation 
    the hostile urine
curls back to
      issuer void the
    machine filament 
squared needles 
  as penal labour 
   runs on the blotting
  paper smash 
the test structures 
built at ground zero 
convert to disappearing
the taste of porridge