Thursday 4 October 2018

Your Legal Stay in the United States Has Ended (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

While others
 place their hands    
over their hats,
  strike within  
 the home pulse 
refraction of honoured
 stock trusted during
playing to serve sect   
 speak for the number
 profile its standing 
recruitment does not 
cover each other 
to justice 
also as promise
 to become common
  to light but not
  forever within
 itself take this
 to your back
  to expect emblem
keep crust to
   lose itself
 in the lump
   you look out of   
admit to  
  your chest
 and ask them
who you are
as the
 true sounded
blood sanction
 on reasonableness
     the job cured sign
      of tear-duct
as place of viewing