Wednesday 12 September 2018

BANK of the grassland (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

    stripped in Enfield 
          town as smile 
     tenners the capons 
   too many vegetables,
        too eats less bread            
        secures a timestamp 
  on tiny captors
        where the victim had
      fitted with 
               what is happening 
behind them down 
                   to the demand window,
       panic exists as 
        weather resistant 
            text-to-speech receipt
      written once, 
        runs everywhere
      the enzyme breaks
    down ciphers
         of nothing
          from short-term
     hidden entry fixes 
  the hurt pact 
       as capture in 
            10 minutes
               of the seventh 
       graph pray  
           any safety pin  
       okay there day 
     and night