Wednesday 9 May 2018

'only comes out of agony, well, how long do you last?' (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

strangers in placing 
          them elsewhere,
the heart’s
renting rare 
   spilling in 
 option wrappers 
are always clean 
      and beautiful,
    is to not be where pain
stops itchy
face already agrees
 chlorinated sinus is hard 
     to the litter core 
     the pearl is tax, 
tinkling there in 
            the brightening celeste 
       that sleep of reason 
     in calculation it remains 
from on high 
     let light in
        so the truly happy, 
     clean faces
 close to weaning
us to its reasons
raise clamour 
to sober digits
glass goes one way,
whose nominal pain 
gets put on,
that is not yours
to be consumed 
to the street
to the damaged
to error
trespassed within us
       are cried up
in the lab, 
the roughly butchered 
half down face
split touch on 
hearts suds an emblem
of blood to strap up
my passport
in the air
 paler than voice