Wednesday 9 May 2018

is loud music (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

        for the credit 
 your face made
    heat up the 
       helical roll yet 
   blurring exit 
           as dry and shimmering,
      at the same time
throw off
   the stable end-product 
        the sound
of care annulled 
       ear pain, by making 
   the mouth
     best in the
  unstopping 2,000 hertz, 
    the dream is teflon,
        yet we must extend 
      past to gain way
         unblocked in rotation, 
   so still at offer
the living day
      gets bipolar 
at the feeble joy 
          of impaired attention, 
    in the slow 
gap it serves 
through glass  
          under waste
    well before time
is no choice but
massively discarded 
   air waiting
     corrodes throat and
our clock 
    is lost as
day presses 
       the cunning out, 
what could be said
hangs off what 
  you can get