Thursday 3 May 2018


Price phthalates 
              byte my misfortune
is destined to play 
         out icy
now gain, 
      and pour
        out of yourself
         the singing polymer
   counts as a skin
     and the legacy of inputs
in a sacred manner, 
a countless heartbeat 
or glucose burnt
 mouth to a re-own,
       since you are stops 
       off nothing 
      which fire pales 
        in the fumes and ash
more  to ameliorate
                   than paraffin, to do justice 
by that carbide 
  with muddy roots in zero 
 for the belly
   and so to the ground
just sat there 
        in urgent moral appeal, 
          or not for turning 
     away palisades care 
            as it gets meted-out
   with song of betwixt burning
      behind our backs 
    and outside 
     lacquer the concrete
  intumescent and then
 you see them