Wednesday 24 January 2018

Three poems (draft/unfinished)

Diamonds in the sacred air
      watch on the roof 
this vitreous cost stabs
stone white as salt 
of sleep realised
purloined to 
  jealousy that ascended
 the figure flows
        into locks
     the neighbourhood of 
 infinity to watch
under some 
best eye
     epiphany, contriving 
     the saving grace is
         most or all of our time- 
    a this for this. 

            To displace patient
broken air
        for ever
      takes time
      the vantage viewable in
private yet you
  chases you down  
            since the rivulet catches                
     wound so speak
from it, trying to show up 
the zero-sum, the high cost
of a face to face, reach
the check-out.

The things in your
 power by
   broken  lag smile
before ‘bare facts' set
all in tallow in exile
    closing vocal repelled,
their grimace not secure-
look how well assent leafs
as though it were a buoy
of destination
might have nothing to say
              back into itself air bites.