Sunday 7 January 2018

stevenviagra98 (draft/unfinished)

will catch
             up in due time 
copper pushing fingertip 
                the chronic wafer 
      eat now growing 
mental schedule
           buy in fast 
                    for short expiry 
          the unrest station 
        asleep to the city
whose  cursors file
the high recruitment 
   where they 
           in part 
not any more 
of a future life 
      cannot claim 
its compact storage 
           in face of said 
                absence required full 
  name protective
       owe the right to the 
                 fast as declined 
its composition 
  includes all the beautiful
   flowers that exist 
  in the world in 
        tranches truly 
all bright 
                 which is to say 
            growth  finds   its only 
       tool in itself-so 
name this and
                        please be safe