Monday 16 October 2017

Mind only short play (unfinished/draft)

Officer1: Is there another Officer situated?

Officer1 : Is there another officer?

Officer2: Yes, Officer.

Officer1: Has it been beaten in yet! 

Officer2: I think it has been beaten in?

Officer1: Can you confirm it has been beaten it?

 Officer2: It’s very dark, Officer. Too dark to see anything.

Officer1: Can you get closer? In order to inspect it. 

Officer2: Yes, Officer. Getting closer now.

Officer1:So, has it been beaten in then? 

Officer2: Officer, well i don't know but it looks like boot leather.

Officer1: Boot leather.........

Officer2: Yes, boot leather.

Officer1: It is amazing what you can get out of them these days.

Officer2: Yes, it is amazing.

Officer2: Yes............Officer it is very dark.......But I gathered from my inspection that it has been beaten

Officer1: In. 

Officer2: Beaten in, yes beaten in.

Officer1: By how much are we talking.

 Officer2: Very much.

Officer2: I’ll use my foot for measure.

Officer1: Good idea, officer.

Officer2: I’ve kicked it again.

Officer1: Okay, kick it again until you know absolutely.

Officer2: Okay, yes I will kick it in until I know absolutely. 

Officer2: I’ve done that what next.

Officer1: What? 

Officer1: Well has it moved.

Officer2: It’s dark. I’ve inspected, it’s dark. Thats a fact. 

Officer1: Inspect further. Kick it again.

Officer1: Listen! Kick it again and Listen!

Officer2: What next, Officer.

Officer2: I just kicked it again and I’m listening... 

Officer1: And.....

Officer2: I can only hear you.

Officer1: So you didn’t hear..... it.

Officer2: I don’t think so.

Officer1: Okay, Okay.

Officer1: Jump on it.

Officer2: Jump on it, Officer.

Officer1: Yes, jump on it.

Officer2: I don’t wish to jump on it, Officer. I can barely see it.

Officer1: You’ve been instructed, officer.

Officer2: I could pick it up, to see if its been beaten in properly.

Officer1: Yes, do that.

Officer2: Okay, I’ll pick it up then.

Officer1: Yes.

Officer1: Have you picked it up yet?

Officer2: Yes. I’ve picked it up. It’s been beaten in very, very well. A job done


Officer2: Yes, very well. 

Officer2: Should I dispose of it.

Officer1: Very well.

Officer1: Yes.

Officer2: how?

Officer1: You have to bury it. Give it a proper burial.

Officer2: Okay, officer that seems appropriate. What should I say. 

Officer1: Here lies.... (pause)

Officer1: Make it up. It is not going to speak for itself...... so make it up. 

Officer2: Officer the ground is very hard.

Officer1: Bury it. That is proper thing to do. 

Officer2: Officer, I can’t officer, the ground is too hard. Officer.

Officer1: Use the butt of your Mauser to smash it.

Officer2: I am smashing the earth in, Officer but nothing...nothing is budging at 
all. I cannot move any of the earth required officer to make proper burial officer....................... It’s a far too difficult task.
(audible sound of thumping)

Officer1: Try again, Officer.

Officer2: It’s not shifting the earth, Officer.

Officer1: Try again. Smash the earth in, Officer. You have to do it, remember. Its proper.

Officer2: Should I roll it in the carpet.

Officer1: The carpet.

Officer2: I can sink it with carpet. Bury the carpet with water, so to speak. I will tie it to something heavy.

Officer2:I’m attaching it now.

Officer1: Yes, Officer very good now thats a proper burial.

Officer2: Yes, yes officer. Very proper burial a much better idea. 

Officer1: Yes, yes very good.

Officer2: I am rolling it now in the carpet, Officer.

Officer1: Brilliant. Well done indeed.

Officer2: It has received a very, very thorough beating, Officer.

Officer1: It sounds like whoever did this has done a very good job.

Officer2: Its a very good job, officer. Very good. 

Officer2: I’ve rolled it in the carpet now.

Officer1: Very good. Officer 2: Should I throw it in the river now, officer.

Officer1: Yes.

Officer1: What have you tied it too?