Saturday 21 January 2017

blue ribbon all in one (DRAFT unfinished)

‘another’ in the preheat position

will make it difficult to 
find a satisfactory 
 the missing paving slab
when we
botanising the tarmac 

for losing
here another
 slice up 

according to the shapes
requires time 
obvious bath without bone 

like dominoes in rewind 

who will enjoy noticing that the
 prune expects historic 
backwash. o' enough
  paring fingernails
 off if promised enough

in its very subsistence 
tame as cashmere 

the window boxes 
in which
the paralytic subject
makes work pay

so the state of punitive deterrence
 has provided its police 

of inducing hopelessness

with great number
prudentially targeted
 its domestication, 
 hauled back to
 slack off
 during the simple summer
now arraigned
technical failure
for enough
of all of the resources
you cheaply 
 general cease to
much urgent
expert policy re-emerging naked
and tied incentives with a massively expanded
underemployed working out
there but sprang up
for the disabled
is that rationalisation
on a par with the abolition 
of serfdom in
 clot think tanks
the sick like an emetic
 into the latter 
stages of a banquet turned
work-ready progression 

what human ‘dignity’ means to the
external market constrains
sponsored capstone
Alices able
day by day 
hand in hand
‘generous’ taper, abolishing
glitch derived
or out-sourced, 
or means-tested, 
or quartered, 
 or depending
on percentage sanctions
kissed by air of CDO's 

‘choices’ model changes
 the taper rate infographics taste of
 upper stern project

see their lips moving
light up until
cuts the head even
within basket 
default digital 
more than guilt
so lucid you
 you had to back one back