Saturday 10 December 2016

you accept (unfinished draft)

another mans property truly 

legalises his filial 
pathos for/of distance 

the merchant drags
from the inventory

into the       offer-window,
and will drag them down 
to the demand

note the prices 

you accept

the container must be emptied 

the inventory limit

for a merchant seems to be 50-55 items. 

you can remove items for sale by 
dragging them from merchants offer windows
down to your demand window

you accept

and you do not need to pay for them
the merchant has gained money, 
he will give that to you as well

to dismiss a merchant, 
for instance to move it somewhere else, 

check dismiss

items and money disappear, 

so make sure to take them all out

there are female merchants

there are male merchants