Thursday 29 December 2016

The english

What is the contemporary decibel?

The English and their fucking moralism of work, acutely personal since Thatcher rounded it out in her wretched public announcement of productivity despite 4 hours sleep. 

As good any rallying speech; Britain Awake. What is the contemporary decibel?

Her mouth the perfect alarm clock heralding ascension of the over-worked, hyper-competitive neo-liberalism with personal computers and the ends of social protectionThe power to conserve, transmit, circulate, and enhance compositions aid finance rather than of bodies/ mindsThe culture of wealth has internalised the social logic of surplus to the penal labour of self-management.

Panic is no longer a collectively dissimulated feeling but a personal one. The pharmaceutical sector has the remedy for any little 'chemical imbalance' in troubleshooting the organic.

What is the contemporary decibel?

Exhaustion is a biological clock and rings for sixty seconds in every minute. When we awake each morning, we hold in our hands, usually weakly and loosely, only a few fringes of our lived existence, as if woven into us by forgetting. To exhaust ones substance we negotiate sustenance, the survival rate for the waking state of exhaustion to conclude. Sustenance in this case would be the reprieve of any further protracted decline. Time discipline is a site of struggle but aren't we too tired, lord. No antidote to an age of ‘work,’ that is to say hurry/speed/accelerated production/anxiety of indecent and perspiring haste, which wants to ‘get everything done’ at once and the technologies that perforce such activities bear the restless metabolic extension that both vibrates fully with prospects of an outside. 

What is the contemporary decibel?

The disquiet of sleep mapped by 100% volume option suddenly ripping dissipation of the dream- world as it was shredded by the temporality of labour. The grace of work extending into the realm of sleep, eye movement submitted to electronic solicitation.

The working man/woman punched into a dot becoming punctual or dot like, showing up on time and crushed in the same instance. This punctuality is of ritual and ritual thus lends punctuality the aura of ceremony. We could unfurl the turnstiles of Eliot and the ‘newly’ invented cylindrical blinds that acted as sealant on the burrowed frames of the bourgeois, whom awoke presumably to the ‘special occasion’ of upward social mobility. On the other side of the baton, the stubby one meant for rancour, are THOSE scabbed up by mechanical rupture. 

Crisis language apparatus exacts its toll on flesh by helping to ensure a fervid temporality of anxiety afflicts the subject, an anxious tempo that co-exists with the weird stasis of crisis and culpability. Debt economy, endless work and no true sense of articulated time prevails. 

Indebtedness is a twofold exploitation of subjectivity: from industrial work and tertiary section that encompasses the relation to the self in terms of responsibility

Unemployment, the most frightful capitulation of the self, the complete bottoming out of the prospective individual within a speculative economy has no cover of virtue but rather complete personal disintegration.

What is the contemporary decibel?