Thursday 15 December 2016


Only a segment
could carry over 
as value of ‘you have no business here.’ 
Protection is wretched and 
what we pay for
fascination of an endless song
All of this argues merely for
a multiplicity of forms n’ shapes,
some of which are disguises and some are not,
since the finite in endless variation 
is the interchange of person and substance
through which lyrical form deploys its co-variant
user-personnel across the switching points of language
The english language is cross-wired circuit speech 

Assumption is a heavy debt especially when it 
exaggerates daylight robbery 
as subjective astuteness,
or rouge indifference to 
even the outright
admiration for its assent, 
flaunting is precisely
being cavalier 
at the stand-point of personal revelation
I am sitting here waiting for a vengeful, 
but I’ve instead decided to smash
a window
Is the ‘recession’ involved?
something going back at least,
to be stored speculatively 
in the cartel of
blacked inscrutability
this age and its grimace
lacks of counterpose, maybe
less of antagonism, 
or of violence 
as a resource,
since the location of fractious activities
have been displaced
to use the hand-dryer