Wednesday, 5 January 2022

a form of spiritual warfare (draft)


O & how to undarken light 

numbstand a girdle of starres

break my eyes were at all times

Screwdrivers and cuts etc

It is the next day.” 

& polities of the Right 

re-imperative a cul de sac

every struck throat O  

\every 100 millilitres of blood

is ziggurat sepsis to crawling in acid blue light

scanning riots broom masted

shit in your enchanted boiled nasturtium

falling out of pocket

onto streets making 

a geometric line of the CBD

 opens up the world 

for a second as to close it;

a strike for your life!   

like everything denied

to us  itching circles

concrete Tinted, AWNINGS 

bending gravelike IN the  RAIN


drops of words  

some copse to sunn blonde 

my skin in trickle ip

lives dawn wire under blue chloroform 

listen here is gaps flowers extracted credit 

reduced me to tears a country lane, 

is resumed  smoothed over  indoors again 

“It is the next day.” 

lip benefend tainted 

behind songs below

high walls rigged with sirens 

&electronic monitoring devices 

spit out coiled after all/ don’t say

today the Odd is buried

today say seditious lines on lysol rime

in your burning soufflés TODAY