Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Jelly & Glue (DRAFT)


Thrice your spine 

the pin-drudges seize your heart again 

raising up to clog our gobs in deputy purl

the medicament pall, 

falls out without emplacements of worth

during an eclipse

,,& I  made it sore and Sick & Cold  &gone sudden 

 half-day flayed in firebrands huddled in the stamens 

pin-drudge I am Debacle Sissy I silly 

wank in bathrooms and self-defeat 

I payloads bounce  this is my dead enema.  historically 

incinerated in my   Nightlight 

falls in.  and falls exploited for 

merely rhetorical egalitarian armbands

armfuls I choose to be forced to 

talk and write like this  in our tablespoonfuls    

ankle cut  equinox march breaks skin 

of token  perch, the morn  to give less or to get more,  

in the deepening sweeping: 

a colourcast with   

this is a dead enemy.  finally rising apart 

a wound healing believed it passionately &

reused pilgrims 

into a piggy bank & I 

was amazed 

descended from the slab their em- 

brocation of pinkish domicile hegemony: hallejuah

; after all this, I turned against the doorway 

swayed and danced the Carmagnole!