Thursday, 14 October 2021

Piney Copse (draft/unfinished)


Good is petty lineage in Piney Copse

every wall, fixture & fitting

is in your burning soufflé

dropped a roof to your mouth 

of old hairs & mad soot 

blinded eyes require immediate irrigation

O Thoroughbreds, you have a thinner forelock

tied to work plainsong 

genteel types in the green

bleached coasts white sear-scuffle

& teeth wet reactionary brogues

now pocketfuls off boiled nasturtium 

your pact epicure desolate of livestock

and ceremony to my tumbrels arsoned

a heart just behind the tip

not to be political, but your 

a debt reinforcement officer 

knocking on my door 

in a timekeep catching sunlight 

dreaming like parted hives