Monday, 24 February 2020

Mine Before Yours ( Blood Money by Barry MacSweeney )

There is no justice in 
James Wallace he eats bent 
councillors backhanders with glee
on bar-till swell mocks urchin the 
pickets are standing outside 
but the vitals have been transferred  
to another gilded bonnet,
unpaid deeds glow over 
a thousand gin and tonics-
this is zero time at a barrel
full of pop fish comes mapless 
prerequisite for swarming 
architectures in sliced up ghettos 
of thought and you will get yours 
mixing out ground departure 
in the civil service feel free to leave
at any given point. 

Pearl sight grin chalked on Madame Sharkette
petite gudgeon in filth stream
of queens disturbed 
from the bed? to any burning shoe
in sheet glass please 
it is time for the city director charm 
school we have paid in kind for 
and will do so for centuries more, 
I sat down and wept 
through the vegetation until the 
patronizing kiss fell freely between
the rails onto the ground beneath 
& now dream of steeds green 
island nerveless and thick with blood 
to urgent solutions or hungry marches 
a whole workhouse without walls on sloping 
London shall all be and sorry you never will