Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The English middle class, deeply alarmed, will be heard and will win (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

to find each other in the crowd 
marks out the space,
who is working duties are
an idea of what we pay for
       like some wider sails on the door 
too where you are dry 
bravura in arms garland 
      out the mimic plea 
as up ahead the same puffy 
clouds, I think a lot of people are 
experiencing a similar epiphany 
                                             all the way through like a stick of rock
   learning that there 
                             are no grownups in the room withered 
       into homely bib
                         where a metal loudhailer resides, 
    no option over runs
          worry about             chlorinated
                bereavement for me the cataracts clear
 if there is time you just have to wait 
for it to happen